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Letter from Luz Gonzalez-Maribona

Dear Patriots!

30% of Miami Dade votes early. We must vote for conservative government in Washington DC. Any vote for Bill Nelson, is a vote against Marco Rubio. Any vote for Bill Nelson, cancels Marco Rubio’s vote. Continue to put a MACK sign on the front door of any house you see a Romney sign. More often than not, they will put it up. Just this afternoon I placed about one dozen signs on the door as I was walking. As we were driving away checking out the houses, most had put the signs up!

The following is an article about the state numbers. Obama is drawing much more of his voters to Bill Nelson. Romney voters are not voting for Connie Mack in the same percentage. That is where we will lose the Senate. We MUST vote for conservative candidates.

Come into the office to make phone calls or walk. Office is open tomorrow at 10 AM tomorrow for calling or walking!

For your viewing pleasure, I have attached pictures of what was going on in the Government Center this morning. If you look at the pictures on the Herald, almost all were taken of the Government Center. Given that I was in and out of the GOVT CENTER in 50 minutes (99.999999% Democrat – I think I was the only Republican ), as I reported to Channel 4 (305.477.2444) and Channel 10 (954.364.2500) there CAN only be two explanations for the huge discrepancy in wait times at precincts A) the SOE is incredibly inefficient or B) they are trying to suppress the Republican vote. Finally, the news clerk at Channel 10 said she believes it was A). Of course, there could be a third explanation – Operation Early Dawn worked!!!!!

At any rate, the pictures show the unions (SEIU and AFT), the buses, and the rally right outside the precinct, on the grounds of the Government Center. I could hear the instructions about voting and the republicans trying to suppress the vote, yada yada yada, as I was voting. Some guy on a bicycle grabbed my FIRE OBAMA sign I put on the grass by the rally and I took a picture of him and told him that he had no right to touch it. He threw it back down. Interesting times.

Two things I learned as I FIRE OBAMAD the rally – 1) they OCCUPIED JACKSONVILLE and 2) the theme for tomorrow is “Souls to the Polls” “Get your vote-on” – busing from churches to the polls.

News from Connie Mack

A new poll that we took on October 21st (600 samples statewide) shows the Senate race closing — Nelson 46.7, Mack 44.8, and 8.5 percent undecided.

Nelson now leads by just 1.8 percent.

In the southern part of Florida Nelson leads 50-41. In the central part Nelson leads 46-44. And in North Florida, Mack is leading 52-42.

The data shows conservatives are voting overwhelmingly for Mack. Liberals are voting overwhelmingly for Nelson.

Republicans and Democrats are largely breaking by party. Independents show the same 1.8 percent bias in Nelson’s favor.

Things that make us feel good

The 8.5 percent undecided is voting 52.3 Romney, 29.9 Obama, and 2.3 Johnson, indicating again that roughly 60 percent of the undecided leans to the Republican side.

If we were to get 60 percent of the undecided, Connie and Nelson would be virtually dead even.

Things that make us feel really good

514 of the 600 people surveyed are absolutely guaranteed to vote. Of these most likely of likely voters, Connie is beating Nelson 47.2 – 43.9, with 8.9 undecided.

More really good numbers

Of the 573 people who have heard of both Connie Mack and Bill Nelson the race is 46.3 Nelson, 45.4 Mack. 8.3 undecided. These undecided are also voting overwhelmingly for Romney.

82 percent strategic concept

Romney voters are only casting 82.1 percent of their vote for Connie, while 90.3 percent of Obama voters are voting for Nelson.

In order to win Connie Mack needs a few percentage points more of Romney voters to vote for his candidacy. These are not difficult votes to get, but the Romney-Mack connection must be made.

We have two weeks to move 2 points to guarantee victory. Let’s do it.

Luz Gonzalez-Maribona

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