You get the Government you deserve!

My husband Doug Armstrong wrote the first part and I wanted to share my thoughts afterwards.

EARLY VOTING campaigning was verrrrry interesting over the past week. Many “spirited discussions” had in line about political party, race, nationality, public policy, our founding fathers, the US Constitution, culture vs values, and the American dream. I’M TIRED… and now, it is TIME. After 4 years of hard work and long nights by my wife, myself, and a few who believed & chose to stand up – I’m ready for REST.

Its time for the American electorate to choose their own fate, or their destiny. Within 48 hours, either way, the United States will end up with the self-fulfillment of these famous words, for the next 4 years: “YOU GET THE GOVERNMENT YOU DESERVE…”

 From Shannon Armstrong

It has been incredible … I have been emotional this evening. Thinking back to the last Presidential election and how much our country has changed both good and bad. I have seen so many people grow around me and others slide backward. Personally my faith has grown stronger, my family bonds are firmer and the love for my Family and Country know, no bounds. No matter what occurs, I will stand for my faith in Christ and I will stand up for my family and my country. Our journey will be long and worth it in the end. I look ahead to a Romeny victory firmly in my heart and I know that we will, no matter what happens… have work to do ahead.

I head to bed after her having a celebration time of reflection with  our good friends for all the hard work in the last few years and look forward to tomorrow I get to vote!  I love this land and our country.

See ya at the polls.


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