My husband Doug wrote this and I wanted to share…


“…and whether I have EARNED your vote or not: I have heard you. I have *LISTENED* to you…”

“I have never been more HOPEFUL, about America…”

“We are not as divided as the pundits would suggest…”

“We are, and forever SHALL BE, the United States of America!!!!”

Ladies & gentlemen, fellow Americans – the President of the United States: BARACK OBAMA.


I have sat quietly stunned for over an hour, trying to accept the meaning of this democratic moment. I can only think of Senator Padme Amidala’s pained (if prescient) observation, in “Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge Of The Sith”, after Palpatine declares himself “Emperor” over the (former) Republic…



  1. MJ DUNSTAN says:

    Today I am very sad for my Country and for the “HELTER SKELTER ” direction of our nation.. The world views us as weak w/ Obama at the helm. This truly is how Liberty dies. I worry about how our country has turned away from God. All of us are going to pay a stiff price for the utter foolishness of mankind . Our God is still on His throne and in His Divine Mercy will , indeed help us fix this horrible mistake.

  2. DLipp DLipp says:

    I am a fan of Star Wars. The Star Wars theme of “Good vs. Evil” is as old as time itself. I believe that our Constitution, as James Madison and other members of the Constitutional Convention wrote it is GOOD. Those who believe that the Constitution is a “living document”, open to interpretation by progressive politicians and activists judges ,is EVIL. Those of us who believe that principles are more important than parties and that values transcend politics need to remember these truths are self evident only to those who understand the Constitution and the importance of limited government, fiscal responsibility and free markets. The stark reality of 11/6/12 is that fewer votes were cast for Mitt Romney in 2012 than for John McCain in 2008. The same can be said for Obama, 2008 to 2012. The electorate has spoken. Three million registered Republicans did not bother to vote. “Evil succeeds when good people do nothing.”

  3. Terry Philpot says:

    If you are like Darlene and I, as we watched in stunned silence we got a sicking feeling in our gut as the election results came in. We knew it was a possibility but truely believed that an overwhelming majority of Americans where as fed up with Obama and his policies as we were. Knowing that half of the people in this country beleive that we are on the right track is frighting to say the least. I could`nt help thinking all is lost. But as it has been said before ” we get the government we deserve” and when you have one candidate speaking the truth while the other one lies and half the people don`t bother to seek the truth we get the results that we have. When Allen West can lose to a little know nothing punk it seems as though we have no hope. As Glenn Beck pointed out that gay marriage passed, pot smoking passed, gambling passed while disfunding abortion failed and equal funding for religious schools failed there is something very wrong in this nation, but if you know the Bible, it tells us that in the end times good will be called evil and evil good. Can we see the end from here? I hope all of you have accepted Jesus as your Lord and Saviour because you will meet him at the gate. Know Jesus and you are in, no Jesus and you will regret it. If you wish to learn more about him or why you should, please contact me Terry at 561-746-3196 I will be glad to speak to you about it.
    However all is not lost. The more I thought about it the more I realized that out of the first election came the tea party- 912 groups ( I`d like to say it was worth 4 years of Obama to get to meet so many great people and patriots, we love you all!) not since the first years of this country that so many people have read the constitution. I hope that none of my fellow patriots will withdraw from out battle just because we lost a battle or two. When we first got together, those on the left laughed at us, made fun of us and gave us no respect. In 2010 they stopped laughing when we kicked their collective butts. This time they came after us and our candidates and we were not prepared. So where do we go from here? Well as I see it we must reach the children with the truth since that is where they are being indoctrinated with all the liberal lies. We in the tea party and 912 groups need to attack the school boards about what is being taught and we need to get on the school boards to control what is being taught. We also need to change the image of the tea party-912 group in the eyes of the people. Now is the perfect time to gain new members to our cause simply by inviting them to join. So many people have heard bad things about the tea party but have NEVER heard of the 912 group even though many know who Glenn Beck is. When I tell them the 912 group is like the tea party, that we are just a group of citizens concerned with honest and fair government they seem to be very intrested. WE need to advertise to change the image of the tea party.
    Well, you asked what I thought! God bless America

  4. Luna says:

    I agree with everything you have said. This nation needs to change. Fast. Before our nation falls apart


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