Thanksgiving Thoughts

On Thanksgiving we give thanks for the relative blessings that have been bestowed upon us. For our good health, for the food on our table this day, for the dwelling that shelters us from the forces of nature, for our family and friends who share in our good fortune, for peace and prosperity within our land.

Some of us feel that we as a nation have just suffered a momentous defeat, a crack in our very foundations. The Rubicon has been crossed, the tipping point has been reached, the predictions of de Tocqueville have come to pass, the inmates have taken over the asylum. With our very liberty in the balance, our countrymen have chosen very badly. Many predict that the end will come soon, the factories will close, the store shelves will be bare, the farms will lay fallow, the old and sick will be left to die. A new American Cultural Revolution is upon us. Who is John Galt?

But life goes on. We may be staring into the abyss, but it would not be the first time in our history. We are a resilient, creative, courageous and resolute people. We are also ornery, God-fearing, opinionated, agresssive and not easily trained to the saddle. We have fought against creeping socialism and lost a battle, but we haven’t lost the war. Our political system is intact, our government remains divided, and the conversation continues. And we have turkey and dressing and cranberry sauce.

At the first Thanksgiving in 1621, the Plymouth Colonists celebrated their first successful harvest. In those days failure had real consequences. A successful harvest meant you could survive the winter and live to strive another day. We have come a long way.

So enjoy this respite of Thanksgiving and reflect on all of our blessings and all the resources we still have to determine our own destiny.

That which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

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