Glenn Beck Reveals American Dream Labs This Week

To kick off the New Year, Glenn Beck is unveiling the much hinted at American Dream Labs, a project Glenn has been cultivating since The Restoring Honor Rally nearly 3 years ago. The less political, more inspirational shows on his 5pm program this week on TheBlaze TV introduce his vision for the next year and what he wants to see happen with the network you are building.

Monday night Glenn highlighted Walt Disney and how his creativity and bold dreams tie into the American Dream Labs.

Tuesday night Glenn revealed his plans to reinvent the media with a groundbreaking technology called Second Screen that allows viewers to interact with the show. He also announced a new show coming soon to the network called For the Record, which will be a 60 Minutes style show with investigative reporting.

Wednesday’s show will look at the projects Glenn and his team are working on around the globe.

Thursday, Glenn will showcase some of the amazing innovations happening in food, energy, education, TV and more.

Friday, you can be a part of the show by submitting questions to askglenn@glennbeck.com or tweet them using #AskGlenn. Glenn wants to know your thoughts and questions for him.

Tune in the rest of this week at 5pm or on demand for more of a glimpse into the American Dream Labs on TheBlaze TV.


One Response to “Glenn Beck Reveals American Dream Labs This Week”
  1. Great Article thanks for sharing! I have not been able to watch all week I look forward to catching up this week.

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