Saturday the Big day! 912 Anniversary

I have sent out the email invites, I also sent out tweets, facebook and meetup notices. Now I just have to sit back and see who shows….

Funny its not THAT EASY lol – I am off to buy some table cloths and hit the storage unit to gather the 912 supplies. THEN I get to make dinner tonight 🙂

I am looking forward to the event and pray that people come. The saying is you build it they will come? Well what about if I plan it … does that still apply? I hope so.  I very excited to hear Angela West speak . It will be a reunion of sorts for me with Joyce Kaufman I have not seen her in a while even though I enjoy listening to her on the radio.

The food is planned and should be yummy, music is set up photos and projector and screen arranged all set and ready to go. I hope to see ALL of you for this important chance to surround ourselves with friends and fellow Patriots.


See you tomorrow.


Shannon and Doug


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