Take Action please come out on May 7th at 2pm

County Administrator Bob Weisman and County Attorney Denise Neiman are pushing for the dismissal of our independent Inspector General, Sheryl Steckler.  Weisman and Neiman craft their attacks on the OIG by targeting the Ms Steckler and, supposedly, not the IG “Office”.  The true independence of Palm Beach County’s IG is the cornerstone of its existence.  The first draft of the IG ordinance had the BCC hiring and firing the IG.  The adopted ordinance, final version, established an IG committee to do the hiring/firing.  The Good-Old-Boy system of government, i.e. Corruption County, needs to end.   Does anyone need more evidence?  How can “Mayor” Abrams’ speak for the entire BCC about not reprimanding Administrator Weisman for his “fire the IG” rhetoric.  The County’s “Mayor” does not have the power to speak for the BCC.  Steve Abrams is one of seven equals.


The PEOPLE of this County need to be heard.  The only way that WE can get the Board of County Commissioner’s attention is by showing up IN MASS at their next meeting.  The first meeting of the month at 2PM is set aside for public comments.  MARK YOUR CALENDAR… TUESDAY, MAY 7TH AT 2:00 PM-TIME CERTAIN- MATTERS BY THE PUBLIC.  This will be our opportunity to tell the BCC that this spurious attack on the person is, in reality, an attack on the OFFICE.  I will be sending out talking points within a day or two.


PLEASE GET THE WORD OUT.  It is everyone’s responsibility to get themselves to this meeting and to tell at least 3 other people and ask those 3 people to tell 3 other people and so on…  We need to fill the BCC chambers with IG supporters.  This is GRASS ROOTS activism.


The OIG and the COE are both under attack.  We the People need to speak out.



Pay it Forward,


Dennis C. Lipp


(561) 596-6357

(561) 952-6929 FAX


Thursday, May 2, 2013–National Day of Prayer

Virginia Brooks
Apr 22 (6 days ago)

to bcc: me





Thursday, May 2, 2013–National Day of Prayer


Plan to attend a local prayer event and pray for our nation.


Here are three local events:


First Baptist Church

1101 S. Flagler, WPB
TIME: 12:00p.m .- 1:00p.m.

John and Virginia Brooks would like to invite you to meet with us and others at the Fellowship Hall on Olive Avenue, behind the church worship center.  (This room will also be open for prayer from 9:00a.m.- 5:00p.m.)



Pray Lake Worth

Worship & Prayer on the steps of Lake Worth City Hall.

TIME:  6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Sponsored by Common Ground Church



National Day of Prayer Observance Time  (Boca Raton)

Join Victory Christian Center for a National Day of Prayer Observance as we pray for our nation on Thursday, May 2nd from Noon-1pm. Plan to attend either the East Campus Observance in the Sanctuary, or the West Campus Observance at the West Campus’ Life Center (4801 Johnson Road, Suite #1 Coconut Creek, FL 33073). We will agree in prayer with brothers and sisters in Christ across the nation and call out in unity for the Lord to heal our land.

TIME:  12:00 pm – 1:00pm

Sponsored by Victory Christian Center


Thursday, May 9, 2013:  Chapter Business Meeting: 


Location:  IHOP,  1503 Belvedere Road, WPB


Time:  6:30 p.m.  (Come early to order dinner and enjoy                                                   fellowship.)


*   *   *  *   *  


Action Item:  Keep up with what the Florida Legislature is proposing and passing. Go to this Florida Family Policy Council site for information about good and bad bills:http://flfamily.org/legislative-bills/legislative-agenda/


For more information, contact:



Palm Beach Faith & Freedom Coalition

Chairman, Virginia Brooks


Website: wwwpbffc.org    E-mail: pbffcoalition@gmail.com


Phone: 561-622-1517    Fax: 561-622-3921


*  *  * 

 National Faith and Freedom Coalition:

Website: www.ffcoalition.com



Latest threat to the Independence of the Inspector General

The attached correspondence (from the public record) is evidence that County Administrator Bob Weisman is lobbying to get IG Sheryl Steckler fired. See the details on pbceda.org – a coalition of which South Florida 912 is a partner.

Dr. Larry Kawa will be our keynote speaker at the May SFL912 meeting

Please save the date – Thursday May 9th.

Our next South Florida 912 meeting will be in May on the 9th, a Thursday night at 6:30pm at the Lantana Branch of Palm Beach County Library.  We already have a great start to our agenda with Dr. Larry Kawa discussing simple economics.  Other topics will be Common Core, (the “new” education plan for our country), and status on the PBC Ethics Ordinances.

When:  Thursday, May 9th, 6:30pm – 8:30pm  – Meet and Greet at 6:15pm!

Where:  Lantana Road Branch, Palm Beach County Library**
4020 Lantana Road, Lake Worth

Check back before the meeting for additional details and updates on the meeting.

** This program is not sponsored/endorsed by the Palm Beach County Library

Tea Party Re-invention?

Anthony Man, in the Sun-Sentinel, examines the status of the tea party in Palm Beach and Broward in this article: Tea party attempting to remake itself which contains quotes from Michael Riordan, Karin Hoffman, Danita Kilcullen, Ira Sabin and others. The article also includes an amusing yet curiously unattractive video of Debbie Wasserman Schultz explaining that the tea party “has never been relevant” in South Florida.

United Stand for America – Tea Party Values in Wellington

The Palm Beach County Tea Party hosted their 2013 tax day rally – United Stand for America, at the Wellington Amphitheatre on Sunday, under a bright blue sky and seasonally warm temperature. South Florida 912 and Martin County Tea Party / 912, and Americans for Prosperity were co-sponsors of the event. Moderated by PBCTP President Mike Riordan, the afternoon’s lineup of speakers covered a variety of conservative themes.

Ordinance Drafting Committee Rejects Expansion of Ethics Committee, Term Limits

In one of the shortest meetings of a county committee in recent years, the group recently named to consider the expansion of the Commission on Ethics to seven members and term limits for the commissioners finished its work in approximately 15 minutes. The drafting committee was formed after the County Commission voted 4-3 on a motion by Commissioner Taylor to consider the changes to “make the diversity on the Commission be representative of the county at large”.

Common Core

I received this email. I will be honest I am just learning about common core and I watched Glenn Beck as he had a panel on this topic. I am looking to create a group of interested people to plug in and learn more about this topic please email me or call and we can set up a meeting to discuss and learn more and the implications, if any, here in Palm Beach county and throughout Florida.

I have spoken to a few teachers I know and it is HERE in Palm Beach County so lets get involved and take part in making a difference please email me at shannon@southflorida912.org   You can find quick facts about  Common Core from David Barton’s Wallbuilders Live website.

Here is the email that I received.


Did you know about “Common Core:

This is pure evil, control purposes.  The Fed. gov’t will have control of whether or not your child goes to college.  This is what goes on in China, takes away all parental control, changes our history and controls what our children will and will not be taught!  Read on and no matter what state you’re in educate others and act against it! They will monitor everything about your child including their eye movement and everything about their parents. God Bless America.  Stop “Common Core”
 This China-like take over of education by our Federal Government is EVIL.  Google “Wallbuilders Stop Common Core” for the best explanation we found.  After you educate yourself, no matter what political party you belong to you may want to go towww.stopcommoncore.com  Protect your children, grandkids future grandkids and everybody elses’ children.
  • your Governor agreed to CC before the standards were written?
  • Common Core is NOT state-led?  It is part of the STIMULUS PACKAGE
  • schools must adhere to the program word for word, with the ability to ADD only a small amount of content— but that additional content will not be on the exam?
  • if you do not like what is being taught, neither you nor any official in the state of Florida will have any power to change it or have anyone to call?  NO MORE SCHOOL BOARD
  • no one really knows how much CC will cost in the future?
  • the estimated extremely high cost of CC will rest on the backs of the taxpayers?
  • CC will require massive upgrades in computer equipment and upgrades to current bandwidth?
  • even though the federal government said the program was voluntary, Florida has to adopt CC to be eligible for Race To The Top and President Obama has said he wants to tie federal Title 1 funding to adoption of CC?
  • CC is advertised as “internationally benchmarked” which follows UNESCO?
  • the federal government requires the state to maintain a database on every child from Pre-K to workforce and encouraged collection of over 400 data points to track everything about your child AND his/her family?
  • the federal government by law is not allowed to maintain a national database? They are evading this law by requiring the state to collect the data and then to forward it to the federal government to be used by other agencies and private foundations.
  • CC math teaches an experimental geometry method created by a Soviet mathematician, in the 1950’s, that was abandoned in K‐12 because it failed?
  • a world‐renowned math expert who worked on CC stated that CC fails to meet the stated goal of improved US K‐12 mathematic achievement?
  • Dr. Stotsky (member of CC validation team) considers CC ELA and reading standards as “simply empty skill sets?”
  • at least in grades 6‐12 English teachers would be required to spend at least 50% of their time on nonfiction and informational texts such as US political documents, court decisions and scientific and technical manuals?
  • English teachers would need to be retrained in order to teach children how to read technical manuals instead of works of literature?
  • Dr. Milgram of Stanford University, the only mathematician on the CC validation team, refused to sign off on the math standards?
  • a radical professor who has been a colleague of, and is a favorite of, anti‐capitalist terrorist Bill Ayers is directing the creation of one set of CC tests?
  • The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is a major funder? What do they know about education? They sure know how to sell computers, though.
  • Bill Gates’ Microsoft and many other companies are bound to benefit handsomely from the implementation of CC?
  • a child could answer a math question correctly but be marked wrong because he did not use the CC-prescribed method for getting to the correct answer?
  • SAT testing is being structured to conform to CC? This would mean the homeschoolers, private school and charter schools will have to conform to CC as well.
  • children as young as kindergarten will eventually participate in the evaluation of a teacher’s performance?
  • the testing costs under CC may be triple what Florida is currently incurring?
  • cursive writing has been eliminated?
  • although CC claims to prepare all children for college, the college they talk about is a non-selective community college, not a 4‐year university?
  • our children may graduate reading at a 7th grade level and according to Dr. Milgram, by 8th grade, will be two years behind other countries in math skills?
  • children could be required to select a career path as early as middle school or even elementary school?
  • American Exceptionalism is no longer taught? America before 1865 is no longer taught in HS.
  • propaganda and erroneous information about America is found in lessons?

Call or write your Governor, state Representative and state Senator today!

Demand they stop implementing Common Core
Our local school boards ar having “workshops” to inform the citizens about common core, lots of people attending, awake and speaking up against.  The school board members don’t know the facts.

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