Take Action please come out on May 7th at 2pm

County Administrator Bob Weisman and County Attorney Denise Neiman are pushing for the dismissal of our independent Inspector General, Sheryl Steckler.  Weisman and Neiman craft their attacks on the OIG by targeting the Ms Steckler and, supposedly, not the IG “Office”.  The true independence of Palm Beach County’s IG is the cornerstone of its existence.  The first draft of the IG ordinance had the BCC hiring and firing the IG.  The adopted ordinance, final version, established an IG committee to do the hiring/firing.  The Good-Old-Boy system of government, i.e. Corruption County, needs to end.   Does anyone need more evidence?  How can “Mayor” Abrams’ speak for the entire BCC about not reprimanding Administrator Weisman for his “fire the IG” rhetoric.  The County’s “Mayor” does not have the power to speak for the BCC.  Steve Abrams is one of seven equals.


The PEOPLE of this County need to be heard.  The only way that WE can get the Board of County Commissioner’s attention is by showing up IN MASS at their next meeting.  The first meeting of the month at 2PM is set aside for public comments.  MARK YOUR CALENDAR… TUESDAY, MAY 7TH AT 2:00 PM-TIME CERTAIN- MATTERS BY THE PUBLIC.  This will be our opportunity to tell the BCC that this spurious attack on the person is, in reality, an attack on the OFFICE.  I will be sending out talking points within a day or two.


PLEASE GET THE WORD OUT.  It is everyone’s responsibility to get themselves to this meeting and to tell at least 3 other people and ask those 3 people to tell 3 other people and so on…  We need to fill the BCC chambers with IG supporters.  This is GRASS ROOTS activism.


The OIG and the COE are both under attack.  We the People need to speak out.



Pay it Forward,


Dennis C. Lipp


(561) 596-6357

(561) 952-6929 FAX


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