UPDATED!!! Important Jason Shields – Please read! Keep our friend in your prayers.


Jason is in the hospital and needs our prayers. He will not be at home to recieve visitors today, for the event and we need you to spread the word to everyone that he is not home. However Doug, Candi and I and our kids and theirs will be there if you want to still stop by with a word of encouragement to Candi. 6-8p only!
You can also drop off any cards or well wishes. If you come by we are taking pictures of visitors and making a scrap book for Jason. He is very ill and we are asking for prayers. Chronicles 16:11 Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always.

Jason Shields and his family are inviting all his friends to his house on Saturday June 22 from 6-8pm only / we ask that u do not come early and u do not stay or come late. This is important to not tire Jason out. He wants to see his friend…s. Bring a lawn chair and join us in the front yard for a little visit. Suggestions bring a lawn chair a get well note an possibly a giftcards / I will have a little basket for people to drop a note of prayers and well wishes for Jason as well please spread the word seeing everyone really makes Jason Happy please keep checking Facebook for any updates in case of bad weather or health issues for Jason. For those that are unaware Jason’s health is deteriorating and we ask for prayers as his brain cancer has returned in a new area. We are ever faithful and no thru God all things are possible. The Lord has given the Shields family a gift of time and we are grateful for each day. So join us the Armstrong family and the Shields family to showing loving support for our friend and Patriot Jason Shields this Saturday 6-8pm. OnlySee More


One Response to “UPDATED!!! Important Jason Shields – Please read! Keep our friend in your prayers.”
  1. Suzanne Squire says:

    So sorry I missed the get together!
    I hope you got to see everyone you wanted to!
    You’re an amazing man w/one of the biggest hearts on EARTH!
    I pray you are blessed BACK MORE than you have blessed
    everyone that knows you! The legacy you birthed will be around
    long after we all are gone. “Just love like Jason” and it always
    makes it right! Your unconditional acceptance and constant smile
    are my favorite parts of you! Thank You for just being you!
    God Bless and know you are OK because He has You in the
    palm of His hand – (I’m sure saying, well done thou good and
    faithful servant!) Love you man! Big Hugs! – Suzanne

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