Common Core – Community taking Action on an Important topic WE NEED YOUR HELP!

this article was submitted by Lynne Sherrer – one of the local activist taking lead on the charge against common core

If you want to join in the cause and get active please send me an email and I can add you to the list. there is also a page on facebook please keep checking our page for more information.


Carol Hurst, Linda Wummer, Barb Grossman and Janet Campbell met with Joe Negron today and reported back that he is anti common core and that he will work with Rep Goetz from this point. He was very receptive to the info they presented, Janet with her super presentation and Carol with her info on COST! Thank you ladies for your participation! Great news!

Chris, Maria and her lovely daughter and I met with Joe Abuzzos’ legislative aide. Apparently he is in DC and has a lot to do on his own business while they are out of session. She is extremely bright and came back at us with “where did you get that information” so I’ve got info ready to email to her.
Two interesting things, she said he hasn’t heard from his constituents and the best thing to make him aware of the parents concerns would be “50 letters”. So I would ask Barb and Mel to send notice to everyone in the tea party that we need letters sent to each of their state reps and same with Shannon and the 912ers and of course each of us. Just like we were asked to do with Gov Scott, simple letters about one subject on CC. I recently did 5 letters to Scott, addressed 5 envelopes, put on 5 stamps and 5 return address stickers and wrote a short letter each day. By doing the envelopes first I kept myself on track to do the letters each day. It’s not hard folks, so please do yours! We spend a lot of time in meetings and driving so the letter writing is a lot less time spent and has an impact.
The other interesting thing was that perhaps he would do a forum on CC! I don’t know what the difference is between a forum and a debate or a workshop but we need to keep the suggestion alive by contacting his office.
She also spoke about how they had input from the teachers who liked CC.
Thanks to Marie Lynch, her daughter and Chris King for spending over 2 hours at Abruzzos’ office. Chris led the meeting and did a terrific job, Marie made valuable contributions speaking about the teachers she works with!
Please send a thank you note to Magar, Negron and we will do one also for Abruzzos gal.
Some more good news, one of the homeschool Moms Freida Powers, who I have been asking to help us on CC requested that we have a rep at their annual “back to school event”. Alison is going to represent us and they will provide her with a table. Chris, Marie and I paid for the Common Core booklets that we recently discussed in an email and ordered 100 of them for Alison to take with her. If you haven’t opened up the PDF file that came with that email pls do and I think you will see the value in these booklets, easy to read and makes the point. The PDF is 11 pages so you can imagine the cost of ink to print a bunch of those. Our cost today was $65, which we shared and which I got a break on with no shipping charge (normally $15.00) but next time we may have to pay the shipping. So we would ask anyone who can chip in $10-$20 pls do. Chris is the money person to see. And we thank you all for considering the contribution!
Linda made an appointment with her rep in Riv,Beach, for next Weds! Anyone want to go with us pls let us know. We need help! Maybe Janet? (we’re going to work her to death! figure of speech only!)
We’ll have an agenda ready to email to you before the next meeting so watch for it! In the meantime, pls call your reps or someone elses’ reps and make an appointment, we’ll get someone to go! Call on your lunch, pn your way to work, you don’t have to go we will! We have a lot of reps for PBCounty and we need to let them know we are organized against Common Core!
Thanks to all and thanks to Freida, the homeschool Moms will make a huge contribution if we can get them involved!


One Response to “Common Core – Community taking Action on an Important topic WE NEED YOUR HELP!”
  1. King Christine King says:

    We really need help writing letters to all our representatives. They are only hearing what is good about Common Core. If you need help contact either myself or Lynne Sherrer. Thank you Shannon for posting.

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