Join us! Express your voice. Bring a handmade sign or hold one of ours.



Join us!  Express your voice. Bring a handmade sign or hold one of ours.



1)      Sign Waving Protest: ObamaCare and Federal Spending!

August 20th at12:00 p.m. -1:30 p.m.

Before Congressman Patrick Murphy’s Town Hall

Patrick Murphy Town Hall 1:30 p.m. Palm Beach State College, Palm Beach Gardens Campus

3160 PGA Blvd, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410



PGA Blvd. -1.6 miles just past the Gardens Mall to the campus entrance on the right (south side).

From the Florida Turnpike: Take the Palm Beach Gardens / PGA Blvd. exit and go east 3.2 miles just past the Gardens Mall.  The campus entrance is on the right (south side).





For more details contact Carlos Muhletaler, AFP Field Director at (561) 777-5407 orcmuhletaler@afphq.org



Carlos Muhletaler


Field Coordinator





2 Responses to “Join us! Express your voice. Bring a handmade sign or hold one of ours.”
  1. Suzanne Squire says:

    Please Please Please Read the videos about Seven/50.
    There will be protesters Against Seven/50 at this meeting too.

    It is a total of 8 minutes and will clear up a great majority of
    wasteful Fed Spending! Westchester NY is being sued by HUD
    (bypassing the elected reps) and changing their zoning! HUD
    dictating Westchester Zoning because they too the federal grant $$$!

    Vero Beach Mayor Fletcher on Seven50

    Tyranny in Florida: Seven 50 Exposed – Andre’ Duany

  2. Suzanne Squire says:

    No time to Watch – Here’s the transcription!

    Vero Mayor:
    Here’s a summary of the Mayor of Vero words after attending another presentation on Seven/50: “We withdrew from this and it’s a darn good thing we did, this group is a bunch of Radicals…don’t ever have anything to do with Seven/50…we made the right decision”. He was “Shocked to say the least”, called the presenter a “Clown”, told how cities and counties are “less important” and “only Mega-Regions are important” in the world view. He was so upset he almost got up and left after hearing, “Fascism is the best form of government to implement these changes”, (someone laughed and the Mayor quickly responded), “That’s not even funny, that’s not funny. This is the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council”. He goes on to report the clown saying, “We shouldn’t have any more of these meetings, just pass the thing and be done with it”, we “will be transcending local control” & “create a utopian community”. Maybe the most disturbing comment was, “You need a very small group of people to make the decisions…not the cities…no more than 4 people” (Subsidiarity: the theory of government that holds that decisions should be made by the smallest party that can competently make it). In closing, the Vero Mayor firmly states, “I thought the Gestapo was going to walk into the room I mean this guy is an Arrogant Pompass A**”.

    What did this “Arrogant Pompass A**” say?

    Andre Duany:
    “City, County, MPO, Seven/50, Florida, USA then United Nations”
    “No way we’re gonna avoid building the COMPACT CITIES that the 21st century needs”. “There is no way we can dodge the bullet that the CARS are going out, that the AUTOMOBILE dependency is going out, we can’t dodge it in the long run and what I would urge you to do is that whatever we do here…that it be done FAST”. “These Mega-Regions, anyone of these can Throw an Election in Washington, any one of them”! “We don’t need to have more Public Meetings like this. We should just finish the thing and you should pass it…you should just Trust Us and Pass It”. “Fascism;
    you can say what you like but it’s efficient”. Subsidiarity: “We design who makes what decision and when”. “The Principle is: the smallest party that can competently make it, let’s decide as little as possible now and download to others later…because they’ll be more competent to do it”.

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