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Thursday night at La Bamba!

We were happy to see several new faces last night as we held the first South Florida 912 meeting in awhile. It was our first time at La Bamba in North Palm Beach, and the back room worked out well for us.

Dennis Lipp, leader, was our MC for the evening. Doug Armstrong, co-founder, spoke on the loss of our dear friend and fellow leader, Jason Shields. He introduced Kaycie and Sean Shields, Jason’s daughter and son, and related our activism to our concern for the future of our children. He also said that he’d once again be adding his Tavern Toons ‘comics’ to the website. Shannon Armstrong co-founder spoke about the difficulties of staying engaged, but the importance in doing so. Fred Scheibl, leader, took us through the South Florida 912 mission statement, past significant actions by our group, upcoming elections and candidates and how to find them on the website , and issues on the horizon such as a proposed sales tax increase. Fred also mentioned the Council Watch Project, which is looking for volunteers to attend their city council meetings and write about them.  Lynne Sherrer talked about Common Core and the importance of getting informed and involved.

Our keynote speaker was supposed to be Sid Dinerstein – however Sid had a conflict and wasn’t able to make it. But he was there through Youtube – and we watched his excellent presentation entitled “Building a Permanent Republican Majority” . Since the time he initially made the speech there have been various outreach efforts initiated by the local county party to do exactly what he suggested. But his speech is really directed at doing the same at a national level!

Doreen Baxter, leader, talked about our new members and how membership helps support the expenses of the organization.

It was great getting back together. Watch the website for details on our November meeting.

  • Lynne Sherrer Lynne Sherrer Spoke about Common Core.
  • Dennis Lipp Dennis Lipp MC for the evening
  • Doug Armstrong Doug Armstrong Farewell Jason
  • Dennis Lipp and Carol Hurst Dennis Lipp and Carol Hurst
  • Fred Scheibl Fred Scheibl Elections, council watch and sales taxes


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