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Anyone who has been participating in the conservative grassroots knows what we are about – free markets, limited government, fiscal responsibility, prosperity through economic growth, and most of all liberty for all. But we are also about fairness and compassion and helping others – something we share with those of a different political persuasion.  But while we may be fair and compassionate – that’s not how we frame our messages – whether it be on economic issues,  entitlements or the impact of some ‘social’ issues on the above.

At our meeting on Thursday we discussed  sharing our common ground and aspirations with those that may frame their thoughts with different words.

Anchored by the video of Dr. Arthur Brooks of American Enterprise Institute, who spoke at the AFP convention in Orlando in the summer, we heard from Christina Martin of the Pacific Legal Foundation on PLF’s past and present cases preserving the Constitution, and Dan Guethon, chairman of the REC’s youth outreach committee, and the Young Conservatives at Florida Atlantic University.    We had a lot of impassioned debate on several topics related to communications and how to also relate to youth.

Additionally – Andrea Plescia talked about various actions in support of  our Veterans.   She encouraged all to contact her if they are interested in donating items for veterans who are destitute, as well as writing Christmas Cards to veterans as well.  She suggested that cards be plain – with no adornments/ribbons/glitter/buttons etc.  Shannon Armstrong (founder) also discussed the annual Christmas visit to hospitalized children.  Shannon will be providing more information in a future post.

Thanks to all who helped out – Dennis Lipp as MC and for his large projection screen, Doreen Baxter as membership chair, Mickey Polulack with his great audio equipment!

It was great to see old and new members!   Hurricane Grill & Wings worked out great as a mid-county venue and we plan to alternate with LaBamba monthly.

Save the date for our December meeting at La Bamba in North Palm Beach on Tuesday, December 17th.  Watch for more details.

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Tavern Toons #7 – November 2013

November 14th SFL912 Meeting – Focus on the Conservative Message!

In our desire to target our membership in different areas THIS MONTH we are having our meeting in an exciting new venue HURRICANE Grill & WINGS.

Hurricane Grill & Wings
4075 State Road 7 (441)
Wellington, FL 33467

Click here for directions.  We will be in a separate room.  Order off the menu as you wish.

Meet and greet at 6pm

Meeting begins at 6:30pm

Christina Martin of Pacific Legal Foundation

Our guest speaker will be Christina M. Martin of The Pacific Legal Foundation .  Pacific Legal is challenging Obamacare as well as several other incursions on the Constitution.    Their motto is “Rescuing Liberty from Coast to Coast”.

Then we’ll watch a video by Dr. Arthur Brooks, President of the American Enterprise Institute speaking about How Conservatives Can Win Our Fight Faster and Better.    Dr. Brooks describes the Five Pillars of Morality – two are shared by 100% of the population and only 30% share the other three, and the 30% are just Conservatives.  Yet we continue to focus our messaging on the 30% that no one else can relate to and one additional topic that no one views as a moral issue!   After the video, we all can discuss how we are perceived and how we can better relate to ‘everyone else’.

As always, we’ll also hear from members on upcoming issues locally and from any candidates present.

Please feel free to bring your family and invite a friend. We will be discussing our November and December charities at this next meeting as well; a letter writing campaign for veterans for the holidays, Wreaths across America and the toy drive for Palms West Hospital children’s ward. I need volunteers to take the lead on each of these issues so please email me or call if you are ready to get involved.

We hope you can join us!

Please RSVP below so that the restaurant can have an idea of table setups.

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