Tavern Toons #7 – November 2013


One Response to “Tavern Toons #7 – November 2013”
  1. Howdyshell says:

    For Doug Armstrong,

    It’s been a lot of years, perhaps a lifetime ago since we’ve spoken last. Over the last couple of years I’ve tried to locate you online with much difficulty until now (believe it or not, Doug and Shannon Armstrong are very common names) .
    I hope things are well with you and your family.
    I’ve been looking over this website and want to commend you and your friends for the great work you are doing to preserve this great nation from the hands of those who would like nothing more than to dismantle it one step at a time. If I lived in South Florida I’m sure I would certainly join your movement.
    If you ever want to reconnect, send an email and I’ll provide my contact information.

    D. Howdyshell – Infidel

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