A Meeting with Glenn Beck – The 5 Year Anniversary of The 9/12 Project

On March 13th, 2014, The 9/12 Project will mark the 5th anniversary of its national rollout on Fox News. The leaders of our own South Florida 9/12 group have met recently to share thoughts of where we have been, what difference we have made, and where to direct our efforts in the year ahead. Interestingly, other 9/12 leaders around the country have been leading similar discussions... including no less than the one conservative commentator who... [Read More...]

Tavern Toons #8

Tavern Toons #7 – November 2013

Tavern Toons #6 – October 2013

We are pleased to announce the return of Doug's "Tavern Toons", a Patriot's Tavern feature.  Go to article→

Goodbye, Jason….

Dear Friends and Patriots, Jason Shields is gone. Our friend has passed away... THANK YOU to all, for your love & friendship as Jason bravely faced his cancer. Such courage...  We all prayed for a miracle in September 2010 - and Jason got one.  Doctors said maybe 6 months - but God said 3 years to the month. Jason Shields will never ever suffer again. He is with our Lord... But I will always miss that presence. What a FRIEND. A TRUE... [Read More...]

U.S. Constitution – 225 Years Old: “REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE…”

So many stories are filling the airwaves in the current news cycle, that the birthday of the United States Constitution nearly got overlooked today. It was exactly *225 years ago*, today, that many of our nation's founding fathers emerged from the Philadelphia State House with "The Constitution of the United States of America". For tonight, and the rest of this week... please take a moment of pause to PRAY for our country and for our leaders. THINK... [Read More...]

“TEAR DOWN THIS WALL!” – Pizza, Politics, and a Patriots “Round Table”

"PIZZA FOR PATRIOTS" Monday night, 2/6, was a spirited night, for such an impromptu gathering. I called for a simple "round table", where a few of us - open invitation - could just gather over a simple meal to share opinions, and exchange ideas about the last 3 years in America - and what lies ahead. It was important that no one played host or audience - it was "all hands on deck" about YOUR stake in what stands to be gained or lost in the upcoming... [Read More...]

Pizza For Patriots! This MON. 2/6…7:00PM

2012... it's here. The Florida Presidential Preference Primary is *over*. This past Tuesday, many of us cast our ballots for our choice of candidate. So... now what? We have NINE months until "Election Day" Tuesday, November 6th. One of two things will be evident the morning AFTER... 1- Barack Obama will be re-elected President - to lead the United States for 4 more years... 2- ...or NOT. We need a plan. We need fresh ideas. Familiar... [Read More...]

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