Rally for Religious Freedom

All Americans who value freedom of religion must stand now as our first amendment rights are dictated away. If one church is attacked, no church, no faith is protected.

Freedom, once lost, is not easily regained. We may not see it again in our lives nor our children or grand children’s lives.

“Hold on, my friends, to the Constitution and the Republic for which it stands. Miracles do not cluster, and what has happened once in 6,000 years, may not happen again. Hold on to the Constitution, for if the American Constitution should fail, there will be anarchy throughout the world.”
Daniel Webster


Speak out to your friends, support your church, vote for religious freedom.

On March 23 spend one hour outside your Congressman’s office or a federal building. Pray for our freedom of religion and the preservation of our Constitution and the freedoms it guarantees. Details HERE

Disabling the Electoral College before 2012 Election?

National Public Vote Compact, NPVC, is the method. The Presidency is the prize.

What a challenging debate Americans are having! The National Popular Vote Compact, NPVC, is the talk of state capitals from Columbus, OH, to Albany, NY, to Austin, TX. Our state legislators are casting critical votes to change our electoral process and, of course, we the people have an important voice in it all.

No wonder we insist on being highly engaged in this decision. From American history we know our electoral system was designed by the Founding Fathers to insure the most careful balance possible of votes and voices for America’s Presidential elections, to protect minority rights while recognizing and empowering the majority.

We are well aware that state by state adoption of the NPVC, also known as the National Popular Vote, NPV, would change the founders’ design for our Constitutional Republic and could circumvent those minority protections from what Alexander Hamilton called the possibility of oppression by the majority. Oh, the talking and debating…the discussions about Constitutional design…the weighing of the pros and cons… a discussion merited by the enormity of the proposed change.

Whoa! Wait just a minute here! Did you say you haven’t heard these debates? Did you say the NPVC is just meaningless alphabet soup to you? The vigorous debate over a change to this so called “direct vote” or democratic vote” didn’t get your attention?

You should know that your state has probably already adopted NPVC or is in the process of doing so.

Of course you didn’t hear this important debate about NPVC only because there is none. The NPVC, or NPV, is sold as harmless and described as a more democratic electoral method to give each American a direct voice in the election of our president. However, in a legal memorandum, Oct 27, 2011, Heritage concludes that:

Consequently, the NPV[9] scheme proposes an interstate compact in which participating states agree in advance to automatically allocate their electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote, disregarding the popular vote results in their states or what the relevant legislatures might then desire. The NPV would “put the fate of every presidential election in the hands of the voters in as few as 11 states and thus…give a handful of populous states a controlling majority of the Electoral College,”[10] undermining the protections of the Electoral College.

Passage of this insidious compact is very close because 170 of the required 270 votes are from states already signed on. States where NPV is being considered or is close to passing are more than sufficient to implement the NPVC. Then it will apply to the 2012 election and every one after that so that a candidate can be elected by a few of the most populous regions in the USA. Since this is likely to increase the number of third and even fourth party candidates, one could win as little as 30% or 40% of the popular vote and be awarded the necessary 270 electoral votes. We could see European type elections with so many candidates that none has enough support to govern effectively.

Who exactly would benefit from a change in the electoral college system that has worked effectively for so many elections? Who would want to circumvent our founders’ intentions for the most balanced and representative selection of the president? This has been in progress, on a state by state basis, with stealth and steely determination since 2006. Multiple websites push the “Direct Vote” and “NPV” and “Democratic Vote” to create the impression this is truly popular when, in fact, it is being funded and pushed by those with their own political agenda.

The RNC recently voted to condemn this change to our electoral system, but too much damage has been done already. Some conservatives have voted for this and their lack of understanding of the issue is deplorable.

NPVC will bring out the grizzly in many of us who will not stand for deception and the manipulation of our constitutional safeguards. Our first task is to educate ourselves by checking some links here, and then we must alert others. Next, our state representatives must be informed, in no uncertain terms, that we strongly oppose this unconstitutional compact.

Calls, handwritten letters and visits to our state legislators must make it clear that if in process, NPVC must be stopped. If already passed, NPVC must be repealed. If introduced, NPVC must be rejected at once. Any legislator who votes for this does not know the constitution and is not protecting our freedoms.

Also, search on “National Popular Vote” and you will find countless sites advocating this “logical and fair” change to an outdated system. Watch this topic wherever it is posted because immediately someone will post comments insisting the NPVC is a good thing for America. Who is so closely tracking the issue and attacking every negative? Who is so determined NPVC must succeed? What do they have to gain?

In the Federalist Hamilton explains the need to protect the public good and the rights of the minority from the possible oppression by the majority in a “direct democracy” or “popular” vote:

When a majority is included in a faction, the form of popular government, on the other hand, enables it to sacrifice to its ruling passion or interest both the public good and the rights of other citizens. To secure the public good and private rights against the danger of such a faction, and at the same time to preserve the spirit and the form of popular government, is then the great object to which our inquiries are directed.

Alexander Hamilton; Federalist Papers # 68

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Ohio 912’ers and Tea Party Define THE Narrative for Victory in 2012

Ohio Takes the First Popular Vote on Obamacare. That Vote is NO.

Many Americans work long hours so that weekends and evenings become precious family time. However, Ohio Tea Party, 912 and other patriots volunteered countless of these valuable hours to gather signatures in all 88 counties of Ohio to force the issue of Obamacare onto their state ballot this November . Where there was a county fair, a town’s parade or festival, a church social, the patriots were there filling petitions one citizen, one signature at a time.

They gathered 440,000 signatures. And the resulting ballot Issue #3 passed on Nov. 8 by a resounding vote of 2 to 1.

A vote for Issue #3 was a vote against Obamacare. Ohioans were the first Americans who actually got to vote on Obamacare, and they voted NO! The 20 month effort of over 4400 volunteers resulted in every Ohio voter having the chance to reject the forced healthcare mandates of PPACA, known as Obamacare.

While the very end result remains uncertain since PPACA can have no state allowed to go their own way on healthcare, Ohioans have done an historic service to all Americans. They showed us what a determined and organized grassroots effort can accomplish.

In addition, Ohio’s volunteers defined a clear narrative for political victory in 2012. Americans may disagree on tax changes and on how to best create jobs, but the Ohio vote shows overwhelming opposition to Obamacare. Politicians who supported it or are not working to repeal it are putting themselves on the wrong side of the voters’ mandate and will not be trusted to work for the best interests of Ohio and all America..

Thanks to Ohio’s vote damning the takeover of America’s healthcare, candidates determined to repeal PPACA can know their voice will surely be heard and the votes will be theirs.

Obamacare: Government Decided, Government Provided

In 2014 your healthcare will change. Your doctors and hospitals are all planning changes right now to comply with the PPACA (Obamacare) so they can remain in business.

Did you know that in 2011 your W-2 will have to include the value of employer provided healthcare benefits? Not taxed…yet.

Did you know millions of low income Seniors, income under about $20,000 per couple, will be forced onto Medicaid?

Did you know that 17% of hospitals may close due to PPACA (Obamacare) per the CBO (Congressional Budget Office)?

Did you know a physician shortage of 63,000 doctors is estimated by 2015 as doctors retire and move into other medical roles to escape PPACA?

Did you know that all insurance companies will provide only those treatments approved by the Secretary of HHS or the company will be OUT of the insurance exchange and OUT of business?

Did you know what happens in your doctor’s office no longer stays there? Your medical history, procedures, medications, conditions, will be available to your dentist, therapist, any medical professional treating you and various government workers overseeing the database.

Did you know that in 2011 cuts to Medicare home health care are denying basic services such as physical therapy and home health aides?

Did you know that in 2012 Medicare cuts to dialysis treatments begin?

Did you know that in 2012 cuts to Medicare Hospice begin?

Did you know in 2014 government IPAB begins submitting proposals to cut Medicare?

Did you know in 2014 the government will impose tax on nearly all private health insurance plans.

Did you know in 2017 all physicians must use pay-for-quality programs where your doctors receive more for following government treatment guides and are penalized if they do not?

Did you know that doctors are now combining into large medical centers so they can comply with the complex mandates and stay in business?

Did you know Obamacare relies on ACO’s (remember HMO’s?) to take care of us as our “medical home” where we can be tracked and provided ONLY THAT CARE the government’s Independent Payment Advisory Board determines should be given?

Any of these changes by themselves is detrimental to our healthcare and in combination will destroy America’s healthcare…the finest in the world. Notice everyone wants to come here for their care.

PPACA ( Obamacare) will take away access to healthcare with rationing by waiting.

Just having insurance does no good, if there are no providers because they have been driven out of business by Obamacare. Americans will be begging for any medical care and this administration would use that crisis to provide government chosen and trained doctors, nurses, etc.

Every facet of your healthcare: Doctor, hospital, dialysis, stents…

Government Decided and Government Provided.

The Language and the Look of Obamacare

Any new situation requires learning and understanding and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) calls for a class in terminology and structure.

The new vocabulary includes, but is not limited to:

ACO’s: Accountable Care Organizations will be the government’s preferred and encouraged provider of Senior healthcare. Picture a combination of an HMO and Department of Motor Vehicles…take a number, take a seat, and hope to be called before they close for lunch and all federal and state holidays.

CER: Comparative Effectiveness Research, funded by 1.1 billion inserted in the first stimulus bill, will determine which treatments and medications are the most effective. Everyone agrees that knowing which treatments have good results is a good thing. What to do with that information is the issue.

Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius and Dr. Donald Berwick, administrator of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will have primary responsibility for implementing Medicare changes. The law says changes are not to be based on cost alone, but the law also does not prevent the use of the information to determine care and reimbursement. Say what?

Confusion abounds and interpretation will be dictated by the bureaucrats, not by the needs of a unique patient with unique needs conferring with the doctor who knows their case well.

IPAB: Independent Payment Advisory Board of 15 members appointed by the President. They are not elected and their decisions cannot be appealed. The board will be in charge of keeping Medicare costs within preset bounds. The board is not allowed to ration care, increase premiums or reduce coverage. So in order to cut Medicare costs they will reduce payments to providers.

By the end of the decade a doctor will be paid less to see a Medicare patient than to see one on Medicaid. Doctors, hospitals, clinics, etc. are already stretched to treat Medicare patients and the CBO has predicted that 20% of current providers will refuse Medicare patients and 17% of current hospitals will go out of business.

Where will Americans turn for their healthcare?

Telling Healthcare Reform Like It Is

Healthcare, as we know it, is going, going and will soon be gone. 

Your Dad needs bypass surgery but three of the four surgeons near him refuse Medicare patients so he will go on a waiting list.

Your Mom is recovering from a broken hip but no home healthcare is provided to help her transition back to functioning independently. 

Your husband is battling heartburn and must wait 3-7 weeks to see a gastroenterologist.

A pediatric well care appointment for your son involves a 24 day wait.

The PPACA, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare,  has caused some of these scenarios already.  The worst of the provisions of PPACA (Obamacare) law are written to be implemented only after the next Presidential election. Then we will have less availability, higher costs and fewer treatments compared to the  medical care we now receive.

We can look at healthcare in the UK, Germany and Canada to know that less innovation, less availability and decreased quality of care is ahead for us.  Massachusett’s healthcare reform, started in 2006, contains almost all of the major provisions of PPACA (Obamacare) and the demand for healthcare there has soared as have the costs…with hugely increased waits for basic care.

These may be unintended consequences from well meaning politicians but overwhelming evidence, wherever this type of healthcare is done, demonstrates the damage PPACA (Obamacare) will accomplish.

Learn what is in Obamacare, what is in the Ryan alternative and how to question your politicians about their position on this issue so you can help to preserve America’s healthcare. Come back to South Florida 912 for more healthcare information to come.

If Obamacare is implemented, by the time your 2 year old celebrates a 10th birthday America’s healthcare system will be as inefficient, unresponsive and impersonal as the IRS, Amtrak, Fannie and Freddie. All are examples of massive government control doing what it does worst.

Barbara Samuells

Century Village 912 Super Seniors to meet Thursday, May 5

Join the West Palm Beach CV 912 Super Seniors this Thursday, May 5, at 10am in the clubhouse.  We will be discussing the Seniors Pamphleteer project which is our effort to inform Seniors of the changes imposed by the PPACA, otherwise known as Obamacare.

Seniors are finding their doctors requesting $125 to $150 annual “contribution” payments to help doctors cover the costs of recordkeeping already required by the new law. Doctors are getting word from Medicare that the doctors were overpaid for 2010 services and Medicare will be taking back the extra payments…

We continue to track food and gasoline price inflation and Glenn Beck has been using the Seniors’ data on his radio and TV shows.

Century Village is a gated community.  If you want to attend, email us at CV912SuperSeniors@gmail.com and let us know your name so we can call you in to the meeting.

Century Village 912 Super Seniors to meet Thursday, April 7

On Thursday, April 7, at 10 am the West Palm Beach Century Village will host the monthly meeting of the CV 912 Super Seniors. We will meet in the main clubhouse and we welcome every Senior who is concerned about staying informed in a rapidly changing environment.

The changes in healthcare as they are occurring and changes to come will be discussed. Also, we will be working on the Senior Pamphleteer project which is the newest challenge for the Super Seniors.

 Seniors are welcome to bring articles of interest to share as well as suggestions for topics to be discussed.  We will cover several current concerns , especially the rising prices of groceries and of gasoline.

Bring a friend as we come together to educate ourselves and each other, empower Seniors to use their influence effectively, and act as individuals or groups according to each one’s goals.

This is a gated community.  If you live outside Century Village and would like to be called in as our guest, please email your request to CV912SuperSeniors@gmail.com

This group meets the first Thursday of each month at 10am in the WPB Century Village Clubhouse.

A Valentine from D.C.

With Valentine’s Day so close, I was excited to find a big red envelope in my mail yesterday. Surprisingly, the return address was Washington, D.C.

Could this be a mistake? No. It was clearly addressed to “Taxpayer” at my home address.

Well, this must be an affectionate or at least appreciative missive from our politicians. And that is exactly what it was.

The outside of the card was a picture of the Capitol Building with a lovely red heart superimposed, then a lovely verse inside.

The verse began:

“How can I tax thee?

Let me find more ways…..”

It was signed with flourishes by many beltway politicians and even our President.

Unlike the romantic young suitor an old fashioned father would query about his intentions, our government’s intentions are crystal clear.

In spite of our national debt exploding, D.C. does business as usual…using the taxpayer’s money or China’s to buy even more dependent and loyal voters. For example, the Wall Street Journal, Feb. 9, reports that our president wants 8 billion in his new budget as part of a 6 year, 53 billion high-speed rail plan.

Meanwhile, the newly elected governors of Ohio and Wisconsin campaigned with promises not to accept Federal money to build these high speed rails. Costs of maintaining them far outweighed the temporary job benefits and the proposed lines did not fit with travel needs in their states and would become costly white elephants.

So, the governors wanted those dollars reallocated to infrastructure for real shovel-ready-jobs to maintain the roads people actually do use. On Dec 12, 2010, the Dept. of Transportation redirected those funds to other states’ high speed rail, largely to California with its hideous fiscal mismanagement and fantasy budgeting.

This administration ignores NJ’s Gov. Chris Christie trailblazing a path of fiscal prudence. They ignore FL’s Gov. Scott presenting a budget with billions cut from taxes and spending. Still, NY’s Gov. Cuomo made himself perfectly clear by pronouncing NY as “functionally bankrupt” and the budgeting process as a “special interest protection program”.

So our government persists with the gifts that keep on giving. Printing, borrowing and taxing are undeterred by the cost to present and future generations.

Appropriately, my D.C. valentine concluded with:

“I love thee to the depth and breadth and height

I can reach into your assets, income, and estates…”

So, in spite of the lovely though imaginary card with the lovely imagined Valentine heart, I must believe this administration’s too real actions and words. I must play the field and put past hopes and dreams for this suitor aside to seek another with a quite different proposal.








Century Village 912 Super Seniors to meet Thursday, Feb.3

This Thursday, Feb. 3, at 10 am the CV 912 Super Seniors will meet in the West Palm Beach Century Village Clubhouse.

We look forward to greeting each other as so many of us have returned after months away from CV.  Seniors are welcome to bring articles of interest to share as well as suggestions for topics to be discussed.  The latest developments in healthcare coverage, deficit spending reports, rising prices for food and energy, and riots in Tunisia and Egypt would be some of the appropriate topics.

We will hand out articles about the pension savings issue as well as about the healthcare law’s comparative effectiveness research which is intended to prevent what our President describes as “health care that is not really helpful”. Some believe that comparative effectiveness research would deny certain types of care based on age, mental health, physical limitations, etc. and result in government determined rationing.

Bring a friend as we come together to educate ourselves and each other, empower Seniors to use their influence effectively, and act as individuals or groups according to each one’s goals.

This is a gated community.  If you live outside Century Village and would like to be our guest, please email your request to CV912SuperSeniors@gmail.com

This group meets the first Thursday of each month at 10am in the WPB Century Village Clubhouse.

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