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If You are driving up or want to car pool send me a message and I may be able to connect you to someone else who is heading up that way.



Friday, August 28

9:00 AM-5:00 PM: Meet Birmingham: Guests of the event tour local history museums and sites such as 16th St. Baptist Church, Civil Rights Institute, Kelly Ingram Park, etc.

7:00 PM-9:00 PM: Community Rally at Guiding Light Church. Speakers include Glenn Beck and Bishop Jim Lowe.*

*Note: Tickets for the Friday community rally at Guiding Light Church are separate from the March and Restoring Unity Speaking Event on Saturday 8/29. Tickets for the Saturday Restoring Unity Events will be on sale soon.

Saturday, 8/29

8:00 AM- 9:00 AM: LINE UP FOR MARCH at 7th Ave and 16th St

9:00 AM: March Begins

12:00 PM-3:00 PM: Restoring Unity Event Begins: Glenn Beck, Bishop Lowe, and more!

It’s the most Wonderful Time of the Year!



The late November through December holidays, that many of us respectfully celebrate – whether it’s Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and/or other traditions – tend to be some of the most enduring moments and memories made in our lives (FILL-IN-THE-BLANKS!).

And yet – the uplifting joy of these cold seasonal holidays, can also feel lonely and isolating for those who are hurting, in need, or have experienced recent loss.

Every winter break since 2001, my family has been blessed to partner with amazing local friends, family, neighbors, and our awesome 912  family to help bring joy to hospitalized local children in Palm Beach County. When these kids see the wagons and boxes with all your generous GIFTS – you help bring some MASSIVE, unexpected smiles to these precious babies, toddlers, children, and teens.

And wow, for the PARENTS – it can be overwhelming. For a brief moment, they feel like “somebody” out there in South Florida cares about the private burden their hearts carry for their children during the “happy holidays”.

I would like to share just a “few” of this year’s personal stories…

– Lorena, age 16. She was so happy to get a simple deck of CARDS – and a warm pair of SOCKS. (You DO know how COLD those hospitals are kept LOL).

– Matthew, age 3. Surrounded by family, he picked out a brand new toy FIRE TRUCK. Excitedly, he asked his mom to take out her smartphone – he asked to take a *PICTURE* of everybody after we sang “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” to his family! LOL

– TWINS – two 2-year old sisters, Genesis and Joanna. Can you imagine BOTH of your babies in the hospital? They got puzzles and dolls.

– Gabrielle, a newborn girl just 5 DAYS OLD, and a tiny 6 pounds – fighting her infant illness from the blue illuminated glow inside her incubator. Her mother Lisa was at her side, guarding her firstborn child. She just cried openly with us – this young mother was just so powerfully touched by thoughtful strangers. She asked if we believe in prayer – so together we prayed at her small daughter’s side for the miracle her small daughter needs…

– Hadley, a 13-month old baby girl with HUUUUGE blue eyes. Respiratory problems. Its so hard to hear that labored breathing. Mmm.

– Tanya, 11 month old girl – her family speaks mostly Spanish in the home. My daughters led the room in a chorus of “Feliz Navidad”, and WOW – little Tanya’s spirits lifted quickly!! Great fun.

– Jamie, 5 months old . Whew. He was alone in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) – and I just whispered a quiet prayer of hope for his recovery. I placed a safe stuffed animal beside this small infant boy, and suddenly he struggled visibly on his little face, when – BOOM – his big, brown eyes popped WIDE open. And he just ‘stared’ back at me, so innocently, with those dark brown eyes – 5 months old, a baby. I whispered softly to Jamie that I would not forget him – and that other people care about him too during this holiday. Jamie just tore me up.

– Joseph, age 3. In the ER. He was the first kid we saw there. He saw our toys, and finger pointed, exclaimed, “BOOK!!!” Even the nurse laughed. His parents said he loves books more than anything, and that’s what he wanted for Christmas.

– George, age 11.  Had a massive scrape across his face (OUCH!) from wiping out on his bicycle. He was a tough kid – but not too cool to smile – or take a toy truck home.

– The last person to get a gift this year, was a grown ADULT… LOL! “January” (yes, her real name LOL), a woman in her mid-40s in the ER watched the joyful commotion with keen interest. When we exited the ER, I saw her looking kind of lonesome. “Are you okay?” I asked. She kind of nodded forlornly. She just moved to South Florida to start her life over, after a bad relationship gone wrong, and has no family here. “Would YOU like a little something for the holiday?” I asked. She nodded yes, and with a bashful smile she said, “Awe… yeah. I need a TEDDY BEAR!” She smiled at the beige bear and said, “I’m going to name him, ‘HOLIDAY’…” – and so she did.

Thanks to Tathyana for walking us through the hospital again, like last year. Interestingly – my 15-year old daughter was just diagnosed with Type I Diabetes this past year… and amidst a very painful personal time for us, it was powerful to see this hospital be able to give something back to my family when WE were in need. So, thank you to the kind, skilled and competent staff at Palms West Childrens Hospital. We are fortunate to have them in our community.

THANK YOU – everybody at the South Florida 912 For helping make a difference special thanks to the Shields family Candi Kayce and Sean, Mj Dunstan, Dan Guetheon for helping us deliver the prayers and good wishes and a SPECIAL THANKS TO Janice for her beautiful hand made cards:)  WOW!

God Bless and Merry Christmas and Happy new Year!!!

Doug, Shannon, Tyler, Alexa, and Hunter Armstrong

South Florida 912 Toy Drive and Gift Cards for Palms West

This is the 12th year we have delivered toys and prayers and good wishes to the hospital at Christmas time.

It all began when my son was five and Doug and I felt that Tyler was a little selfish and I did not want to raise a child to grow up that way. We went to the store and bought a few toys on my son’s Christmas list and together he and I went to the hospital to let him give away the gifts to other kids that were stuck in the hospital at Christmas. It was such an amazing experience – Tyler learned so much and loved it and I believe it formed an integral part of who he is today.

Please bring a donation to our next meeting (Tuesday 12/17), and feel free to join us to deliver Christmas joy and prayers. Just comment or send me an email or feel free to call or text me. I look forward to seeing everybody at our next meeting. Last year it was such a pleasure to go with the Shields family and MJ Dunstan and others to visit and pray with the Children and their families at the hospital. This is the season to give.  And it is so appreciated

Hospital Visit Report – Thanks to all and Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays, everyone! This year, we almost certainly had a *record* year of donations for our 11th annual toy & gift drive for Palms West Children’s Hospital in Palm Beach County. Well done!! No child went without a gift – and young brothers and sisters VISITING their siblings in the hospital were ALSO able to choose a gift, because you were so generous – that was remarkable. Smiles were everywhere. We saw a wide array of young people – infants… toddlers… children… teenagers, right up to a young man in 9th grade in high school.

A few stories and children always personally affect me every year. I will share a few, briefly… – “Joey the IV”, a 4 month old boy in a small crib, whom had to be flown in from Okeechobee County by rescue helicopter (their local hospital didn’t have sufficient facilities). We don’t know his illness. But his young parents said they knew nobody here in West Palm – and they were deeply touched by a couple wagons full of gifts from strangers during this time of the year. We also gave the mom and dad a gift card that was generously donated to best buy to pick a movie or something to watch while at the hospital they were so touched.

Samuel, age 4. This young boy just got out of ICU (intensive care) a few hours before we arrived – his mother just sobbed, and asked us to pray that her “little man” might make it home in time for Christmas. He looked up at us, listening intently – and tugged on a tube under his gown, and said loudly, “I CAN’T go, Mom: I’M STUCK TO A WIRE!”

Jernanda, age 8. She was a young girl from Delray Beach… shy, but stared so deep at us. She said she was sad, because her mother hasn’t been able to visit her in a few days. Jernanda chose a baby doll in a pink stroller and my son and daughter  helped her take it out of the box and put it together, and she LOVED having company…

Brianna, age 12. This young lady was completely surrounded by her mother, grandmother, an auntie, and her siblings… her mother explained Brianna had just had BACK SURGERY last Thursday, “from her head to her her bottom”. And today, she had taken her FIRST FOOTSTEP since her surgery. What a supportive family.  Brianna chose a stuffed doggy, with big floppy ears to keep her company when she sleeps…

Hannah, age 9, 3rd grade. She chose a “MyMoxie” game and makeup. She was in school Friday, and suddenly had trouble breathing – Dad got the call that she felt like she was “drowning”. She was responding well to steroids, and just hoping to make it home for Christmas.

In ICU, we saw a 4-year boy named “PJ”. The minute PJ’s mother stepped into the hall out of her son’s room, she just lost it – and started crying so hard… whew. The sight of neighbors with bags and wagons of toys overwhelmed her and  we were able to pray with her and give lot of hugs. She said this has been the hardest holiday of her life. She asked me to personally thank everyone who helped out both my work and the 912 project.  because her son has a bacterial infection that he is losing a fight to, and he “will be here for a long, long time…”

As we celebrate the spirit of the holidays this December, just know that you personally *DID* make a difference this year – in the lives of a few local children and their families. Your generosity is powerful – and we really can touch people’s lives.

Happy holidays, to you and yours… Douglas Armstrong

Wreaths across America Saturday Dec 15th / 11am South Florida National Cemetary

Please join us. This is really powerful. My family has really found this to be very special and meaningful, to take the time to place a wreath on a soldier’s grave and to pray for them and their families at this time of year. Please donate towards the purchase of a wreath and come out and help us lay them on the graves.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

11:00am until 1:00pm

View Map · Get Directions

Come Celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of South Florida 912 on March 31st!

Come Celebrate!!!

Allen West, Acorn whistle blower Anita Moncrief and many other candidates and public figures will be attending our exciting event. 

We will be having entertainment from Ivory Jim and Loreen, and the Patriotic Singers.

Our Master of Ceremonies will be Dennis Lipp.

When:  Saturday, March 31st from 1pm – 4pm

Where:   McKenna’s Place
 5283 Lake Worth Road,  

 Green Acres,Fl,33464 

Click for directions

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 3 years! That first meeting at the ‘old’ McKenna’s location was awesome and we’ve done so much since then. We marched on Washington, stood on street corners, gathered food and supplies for Haiti and flood victims. We  attended county commission meetings and created and signed petitions. We helped get the Inspector General and Ethics Ordinances implemented in Palm Beach County and continue to rally for smaller government, personal responsibility and lower taxes.

We have our work cut out for us in 2012 – but this will be a time to celebrate with friends and family. We’re still working to confirm our speakers and entertainment, but save the date and plan to join us for a fun afternoon! Check back often as we’ll be adding  more details.

McKenna’s full menu will be available for purchase.  It will be first come first serve. Please bring your family and enjoy a meal with us. 

This will also be a fund-raiser for our upcoming 2012 election education events – so we’re suggesting a $5 donation which gets you a raffle ticket for the drawing for a Patriot Pack. 

T- Shirts will be on sale for $15, there will be a 50/50 and other exciting things. 

Our Charity of the Month will be New Beginnings Food Pantry. Please bring dry goods and get an extra raffle ticket for free!

Help spread the word.  Print or send the 912 Birthday Flyer to your friends and family!

Please go to for more information and updates, or email if you have specific questions.

Please RSVP by clicking the button below so we can have a head count. Invite friends and your family!

Serve the community with Turkeys, your time and your talent.


Tables set up and people getting served by 912ers

Tables set up and people getting served by 912ers

Last year a number of 912ers gathered together with a group of churches and the city of Greenacres where we helped serve up some yummy food for those in need at Thanksgiving time. We had a terrific time and would love to get even more people involved this year.

Tami Donnally is our contact person and all the details are still being worked out as more info becomes available I will pass it on.

We will need people to help cook the turkeys and then bring them on Wed. night.  Billy hasn’t met with the community people yet, so he’s not sure what they have set up so far…he will let us know if food/desserts/drinks are needed.

They do accept cash donations to help offset the cost of turkeys…

Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, about 5:30 -6pm

Last year my kids and I had a terrific time helping out and hope to see all of you there as well

Please RSVP so we know who to contact with the final details

and let me know if you can bring a cooked Turkey.

God Bless



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Project Holiday Charity Collection for November

South Florida 912 Supports Project Holiday

In an effort to support deployed USA military members during the holiday season, the City of Delray Beach, “You Are Not Alone”, the Church of the Palms Congregational and “One Soldier at a Time” have come together to support the 6th Annual Project Holiday. This important Project collects and ships desperately needed items to our military who will not be able to come home for the holidays. The community is encouraged to experience the true spirit of the holiday by contributing to this worthy cause.  Donated items will be accepted at various locations around the City and again at several locations in Boca Raton from October 19 – November 18, 2011.

Examples of needed items are: (travel size preferred): Thermoguard pads (heating pads), holiday decorations – All Faiths, bags of hard, individually wrapped candy (i.e., lifesavers, dollar store hard candy – please no chocolates except for tootsie rolls, tootsie roll pops, charm pops, etc), snacks that can easily be put in their pockets while on duty (i.e., fruit cups, peanut butter crackers, etc), gum, beef jerky, Slim Jim, pepperoni or similar dried meats, boxes of granola bars or similar, individual bags of nuts, dried fruit, trail mix or sunflower seeds, boxed and/or individual drink packets (i.e., Crystal Light, Wal-Mart or Target brand, Kool-Aid, hot chocolate, etc), non-perishable food items, foil packed tuna and chicken, crackers, sun block, lip balm, baby wipes (no bigger than 2½” wide packages), Purell hand sanitizer, hand lotion, batteries (AA or AAA), foot powder, deodorant, toothpaste, socks (white or black knee-hi), nationwide phone cards, disposable cameras, used CD’s, DVD’s (no VHS tapes or cassettes), letters, notes, holiday cards, encouragement cards.

Monetary donations to cover postage costs and to purchase calling cards are also appreciated. Send a check or money order made payable to Project Holiday and mail to: City of Delray Beach, c/o Delores Rangel, 100 NW 1st Avenue, Delray Beach, FL 33444.

If you are a City resident of Delray Beach or Boca Raton with a family member serving overseas and would like a package sent to them or wish to volunteer with packing items to be shipped, contact Delores Rangel at (561) 243-7010.  Information on Project Holiday can also be found on the City’s website,

Please bring the items to our Nov 10th meeting.

Southflorida912 wants to support this effort like we did a similar effort last year please gather the supplies and bring them to our next meeting.

Thanks in advance for all you will do.

912ers at Palms West with Balloons and Smiles

This is our 9th year going to Palms West. It has been a tradition every year on Christmas Eve delivering toys to kids and parents stuck in the hospital during the holidays. This year we were able to work together with the 912 group to continue the tradition with the hopes of caring on thru out the year.

We had a great showing for the balloon delivery. Smiles and laughter and tears were shared. Parents smiled, children laughed. It was a terrific way to spend our Saturday afternoon. We arrived at 3pm with the balloons a little tangled from the wind. Darlene with her patience helped us untangle them. The gang Ken and Jeanne Barnett, Boris Balaban, Terry and Darlene Philpot and the Armstrong gang, Doug, Shannon, Alexa, Tyler, and Hunter all stuffed into the elevator to the pediatric ward with a lot of enthusiasm. When we arrived at the pediatric ward the Nurses there were so tickled to see us. A very cheerful nurse walked us from room to room introducing us to the family in the room. We were greeted with such joy and appreciation. We even gave siblings balloons and Hunter gave out valentines and stickers. At times we were asked to pray. It was so moving… One mother just started to cry and could not barely speak she was so grateful that some one cared. Our nurse was patient and waited if someone needed a little extra love. Kids thought that Ken was a pirate and little children were soo excited to see him. Some people even wanted pictures. There was one little girl who was in ICU so little… however her father had such a heavy heart. Her father could barely speak he was so sad about his daughters illness, but welcomed us grateful for our presence and our prayers.

Over all it was sooo successful. We had a few stickers and balloons left so we went down to the ER and gave them out to people there. It was a great day and I look forward to our next outing for the Balloons and Smiles team. We are looking for a nursing home suggestion and if we get enough volunteers we can spread this out all around the county spreading love and joy.

Thanks to all who volunteered. We had a great time.

Balloons and Smiles – Charity

This month we are going to be participating in a community service project that is great to get the whole family involved. I am looking for two teams and captains for each team. Please call me or post on the site if you want to be a captain and to participate in this really great service event. My family and I have been delivering toys to the hospital at Christmas time for the last 9 years. I have always wanted to continue this through out the year. I came up with Balloons and Smiles cause it will fit the “all ages” aspect of who we will visit. It will also be cost effective. My experience in the pediatric ward at Palms West is that the parents there are just so surprised and happy to have people stop by to deliver a hug when needed, prayers when asked and lots of smiles. To top it off a balloon will let them know that we care about them and want them to get well soon. We will also be visiting a nursing home as well. I would love a suggestion for what nursing home would welcome our visit. If you have a suggestion please email me at or call me 561-506-5258.

The date for the pediatric ward is February 12th at 3pm it is a Saturday. It is a terrific day to go out and share the message of good will. If we get enough volunteers we can create more teams and branch out to other hospitals and or nursing homes. Our goal is to give back to the community and as one of our core values of our group is charity this is a great way to get your family involved.

Next month look for our group doing a charity walk in the community, more info coming soon.

Please volunteer this is really important to get involved in the community and give back.

Thanks and if you want to volunteer, be a team captain or have a suggestion for a nursing home please contact me asap! or 561-506-5258

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