January Meeting brings out Standing Room-Only Crowd for Obamacare Discussion

It was a full house at our January meeting – we ended up being packed in like sardines at Hurricane Grill and Wings.  But it was great seeing so many new and familiar faces.  Shannon Armstrong kicked off the meeting, Dennis Lipp and Shannon mc’ed, Doug Armstrong led us in the Invocation and Pledge and Doreen Baxter handled getting everyone signed in.  Thanks also to the support team with Mickey Polulack bringing the sound equipment, Fred Scheibl the projector and Dennis the screen.  Hunter Armstrong handled the 50:50.  And thanks to the staff at Hurricane Grill and Wings who managed to squeeze amongst the tables to get everyone served who was ordering!

Doug related the impact that handing out toys for Christmas to hospitalized children and their families.  Also speaking about the experience was MJ Dustan.  Major kudos to Janice Price , who made handmade cards  and Marlayna Bock  who made over 20 teddy bears.  Andrea Plescia then told us how 912ers donations affected the homeless veterans and that a huge number of Christmas Cards were also distributed to the vets at the VA hospital on their meal trays.  Kudos to all who participated.  912ers made a difference.

Fred spoke about the upcoming Palm Beach Gardens City Council Candidate Forum on February 25th co-sponsored by South Florida 912, and the first forum on CD 18 Republican candidates to be held at Bear Lakes Country Club on Wed January 22.  He also relayed a request by Mel Grossman, President of the Palm Beach County Tea Party, asking people to turn out for the February 4th County Commission Meeting at 2pm for the Matters by the Public section, to ask them to opt-out of Seven/50.  Wear red shirts and if you plan to speak – fill out a comment card prior to 2pm.

Our first scheduled speaker was Bill Arterburn, who was originally going to just give a report on The Convention of States presentation made in the Palm Beach County Tea Party Jupiter meeting earlier in the month.  But he signed up onto the team and thus gave us a ten minute overview of the effort.  He represents District 90.  Bill did a great job explaining the objectives of the Convention of States.  The Convention of States Project is urging state legislators to call a convention of states under Article V of the Constitution. The delegates at such a convention would propose amendments to the Constitution that would curb the abuses of the federal government.  For more information either go to their website   or contact Bill at cosdistrict90@gmail.com.  The project is actively recruiting volunteers.

We then segued to the subject of the Affordable Care Act by watching an AFP video being used in states with vulnerable Senators which makes the case that Obamacare is hurting real people.  First up was Marion Frank, Wellington Chapter Leader from the Palm Beach County Tea Party.  She has been speaking out against Obamacare since 2009.  But at our meeting she was speaking as a member of a medical practice directly impacted by the implementation.  Doctors are retiring.  Waiting until 2016 and a new president is too late – our medical system will be destroyed long before then.

Next up was Tami Donnally.  Tami was recounting her experience as a small non-profit business with about 23 employees.  They had a plan that worked for them and their employees for several years which was affordable; they had the same doctors for many years through many serious illnesses; they had a hospital they liked – in network – Wellington Regional.  And they had pre-existing conditions.  Their plan was cancelled due to the Affordable Care Act.  They tried to stay with the same insurance company – however pre-existing conditions came into play for one of them and they were rejected as a group.  All the promises made by the President were false as far as they were concerned:   They were NOT able to keep their plan.  None of their doctors were in their new network – they were NOT able to keep their doctors.  Their hospital was not accepting the insurance – they were NOT able to keep their hospital.  And – the new plan’s premiums were over twice as high and deductible and out of pocket increased about four-fold.  Not Affordable. Such a deal….

Finally – our key speaker, Dr. Larry Kawa spoke about his lawsuit against the IRS and other government entities challenging the Employer Mandate portion of the law.  To his knowledge, he is the only large business so far suiing that aspect of the law.  His case is based on the fact that he was classified as a large business because he has over 50 employees and he spent a lot on legal fees and implementation preparation.  The President delayed the Employer Mandate by a year to 2015 (via a tweet) and thus Dr. Kawa claims injury as the basis for legal standing.   He seeks implementation of the Employer Mandate. His case is being handled by Judicial Watch and details can be found here .

Folks seemed ready to engage – and it will take all of us to make a difference in 2014!  Hope to see you at our February meeting!

Some Pictures:

  • Shannon Armstrong Shannon Armstrong
  • Doug Armstrong Doug Armstrong
  • Dennis Lipp Dennis Lipp
  • Andrea Plescia Andrea Plescia
  • Fred Scheibl Fred Scheibl
  • Marion Frank Marion Frank
  • Tami Donnally Tami Donnally
  • Andy Schaller Andy Schaller
  • Larry Kawa Larry Kawa


The Inspector General Lawsuit – Myths and Reality

Rally for the IG – WPB, Pay Your Bills!

South Florida 912 supports West Palm Beach City Watch for its rally to protest the WPB-led lawsuit against the Inspector General funding.

County Commission votes to provide $687,000 for Office of Inspector General and Avoid Layoffs

Commissioner Burdick having a District 2 Town Hall on June 5th

Many South Florida 912 members live in County Commission District 2.  So I wanted to let you know that Commissioner Burdick is having a town hall on Wed. June 5th.  If you can make it, I think you will find it very informative.

Wednesday, June 5th from 7:00 – 8:30 pm 

The Palm Beach County Vista Center

            2300 North Jog Road

            West Palm Beach (just north of Okeechobee Boulevard)

Some of the possible topics for discussion:

1.     Overview of the FY2014 budget

2.     Office of Inspector General

3.     C-51 Reservoir ($1 billion)

4.     Questions and Answers

Please bring your friends and neighbors.

Ordinance Drafting Committee Rejects Expansion of Ethics Committee, Term Limits

In one of the shortest meetings of a county committee in recent years, the group recently named to consider the expansion of the Commission on Ethics to seven members and term limits for the commissioners finished its work in approximately 15 minutes. The drafting committee was formed after the County Commission voted 4-3 on a motion by Commissioner Taylor to consider the changes to “make the diversity on the Commission be representative of the county at large”.

912er Dennis Lipp Named to Ethics Ordinance Drafting Committee

After some lobbying by other 912ers, County Commissioner Shelley Vana cast the deciding vote to name Dennis Lipp as the second county appointed member of the committee to evaluate a proposal to extend the Ethics Commission to 7 members and consider term limits.

This proposal has the potential to compromise the workings of some of the ethics reforms for which we worked so hard. Watch for an upcoming call to action to monitor these meetings.

For details on the appointment and the other members of the committee, see: Ethics Ordinance Drafting Committee Named – First Meeting Scheduled

Make a Difference – Get out and VOTE on MARCH 12!

Attention South Florida 912ers!

You may have been disappointed about the 2012 elections, but get over it!  You have a chance to make an impact on the municipal elections in your city – if you live in an incorporated area, on March 12.  Generally only 7-12% of the voters turn out for a city election and the very few decide for everyone.   Your municipality has a huge impact on your taxes, zoning, police, fire, licensing, etc.  In turn, you can have a huge impact on the results!

The Supervisor of Elections lists all of the candidates/ballot items by city  , however polling places are not listed.  In many cases – a sample ballot or additional details can be found on the elections or municipality’s clerk page. 

The following cities are having an election.  Click on the city name for the City Clerk page or elections page for your city.  Find out where the candidates stand on the issues.  For example – are any of the candidates for withdrawing from their city’s participation in the IG Funding lawsuit?  Cities in the lawsuit have an *.   Are there other issues key to your city?  Find out and vote!

*MANALAPAN  (no election but referendum question – contact clerk for details)


State Attorney Candidate Forum

Join the PBC Tea Party in Wellington next Monday for a forum with all three candidates for State Attorney.

Free Phone Frenzy

This one will set your hair on fire:

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