How the government does business has become an expression of the government itself. The government is now in the business of perpetuating the government. Funding itself, supporting the interests of the lobbyists, making its agenda indispensable to the average American, collecting campaign funds for a particular election. The government is no longer in the business of doing the business of and for the people. Government “as usual” is now Corruption “as usual“.

Senator Mary L. Landrieu, a Democrat from Louisiana, got a $100 to $300 Million Dollar provision in Harry Reid’s, Democrat from Nevada, Healthcare Bill, for supporting the vote to proceed. Shame on you. Looks like, as long as your constituents get a special deal you will support the legislation. Alan Levine, we the people are watching you, too.

Senator Bill Nelson, a Democrat from Florida, also supports the Healthcare Bill. He told his constituents he would provide a $38 Billion Dollar shield for their Medicare and Medicare Advantage. Didn’t say how he would do it or how to fund his proposal. How’s that working out for you, Senator? Corruption “as usual“, getting a sweetheart deal for your people?

Senator Amy Klobuchar, Democrat from Minnesota, she supports the Healthcare Bill, as long as the medical manufactures in her district don’t have to pay taxes on their medical products and manufactured supplies. It’s a great Bill for all of America, her constituents too, as long as someone else pays for it. Socialism at its finest. Have you talked to Harry Reid?

Here’s one for Senator John Kerry, Democrat from Massachusetts. He got a Earmark from the Labor Department spending bill for $5 Million Dollars to plan and design a student study center in honor of the late Ted Kennedy. Then got one for $20 million from the Senate Appropriations Committee’s defense budget to build the proposed educational facility. This is a tribute from one career politician to another, at the expense of the American people. Another clear cut example of the behind the scenes, closed doors, under the table dealings of the Washington elite. I bet you are so proud, stealing $25 Million Dollars of the people’s money and getting away with it. Good job John!!!

Here’s a little collective democratic Socialism, proving once again corruption reigns supreme at the highest levels. Democratic Senators voted to block a bill which would have made it mandatory for US census takers to ask if the person being interviewed was a US citizen. That’s right, the census will be taken and no one will know how many of the people counted are US citizens(eligible to vote). What’s up with that?

Our government is now deciding which Americans can be successful. The Office of Budget and Management has issued a directive stating government contracts for government building worth more than $25 Million will be let to Union Contractors. Effectively blocking work from 8 out of every 10 construction workers in the United States. Open Shop Owners are taking the Department to court.

The Obama administration promised the people Wall Street Reform. What we got was a $140 Billion Dollar bonus package for the top 23 Wall Street Investment Banks. That’s right, the American taxpayer bailed out a bunch of failed businesses one year and the next year the bankers figured out a way to extract $140 Billion Dollars for their personal salaries. Business “as usual” or CORRUPTION on a massive scale?

The Obama administration employs over 30 Czars. These are highly paid government officials plus their assistants and clerical staff in an office with access to transportation and other government benefits. These are appointed presidential officials who do not answer to the American people, nor have they been through the process of Congressional Confirmation. Michelle Obama employs over 20 assistants to support her professional obligations at cost of $1.35 Million a year. Its your money.

Van Jones, the Green Job Czar, was recently removed from his appointed position due to the public pressure arising from his radical views, his public diatribes on capitalism and social justice, his support for redistributive wealth, and his ties to radical organizations. Now he’s at the “Center for American Progress” working for John Podesta, an official from President Obama’s transition team.

The Obama administration pledged, no new taxes and tax cuts for 95% of Americans. On the other hand, the Nancy Pelosi lead Congress has suspended the “inflation index” for payroll taxes, guaranteeing a rise in taxes regardless of the buying power of the dollar. Government “as usual” or a new wave of corruption unprecedented in American politics.

What’s the difference Pork, Earmarks, Pork Barrels, Back Room Deals, Bribes, Power Brokers, Lobbyists, Pay for Play Partners, Cronies, Czars and Senators who will not answer emails or respond to phone calls unless you are from their districts….nothing…NOTHING AT ALL…..ITS ALL CORRUPTION.

Corruption which needs no explanation:





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White House Czars

At this writing, there are about 34 so-called “czars” working in the White House. They are unconfirmed by the Senate and mostly work outside of the formal cabinet departments. Many would never have been confirmed as they have significant baggage – including ties to communism, illegal activity, and far-left activism.

These posts will explore the roll of the czars and what can be done about them.

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